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Food allergy and cosmetics — a round up

Rather than repeat the current issues and discussions concerning food allergens and cosmetics / skincare products here, I’ll instead direct readers to my latest article for Skins Matter — Food Allergens in Cosmetics: Where do we go from here? —…
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Fortified dairy free and allergen free plant milks

Last year Good Hemp de-fortified their hemp-based milk-replacement drink of calcium and vitamin D — a move met with frustration by some in the food allergy community, for whom the drink served as a key dairy free and allergen-safe alternative, as…
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Farro, triticale, emmer, einkorn, kamut, spelt … do you know your alternative gluten grains?

A tweet by celiac blogger, cook and author Jules Dowler Shepard recently showed a shot of a restaurant menu, and a dish containing farro, which was labelled as gluten-free. Farro is the Italian word for spelt, but in the US…
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