Coeliac Disease: what you need to know

Coeliac Disease: What you need to know was first released in May 2011, then a second edition in April 2015, and the current third edition, pictured right, in August 2020.

The book was shortlisted for The Guild of Health Writers Writing Awards in the Best Health Book category.

Kindle edition is also available.

The book tells you how to find out whether either you or your child needs to avoid gluten, how to avoid gluten if one of you does, and how to best follow a safe and healthy gluten-free diet for life.

It pays particular attention to food labelling — a subject which newly diagnosed coeliacs often find difficult — including information on both gluten-free labelling legislation and allergen labelling regulation, as it affects both on-shelf products, pre-packed food for direct sale, and eating out / food service in restaurants and other eateries.

It also covers essentials such as:

* testing and diagnosis;
* nutrition and the gluten-free diet;
* children and family life;
* emotional well-being;
* comorbidities and other health issues, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disease and IBS;
* long-term health and causes of ongoing symptoms (e.g. other sensitivities, FODMAPs, bacterial overgrowth, and many others);
* new research and novel therapies — including enzymes, drugs and vaccines.

There is a comprehensive resource section listing useful associations in the UK and worldwide, as well as other sources of information, such as blogs, social media, useful websites, magazines, books and much more besides.


There is also an Italian version, Celiachia: Tutto ciò che è utile sapere, released in May 2016.


“This compact book packs a wealth of information … I have read dozens of books about celiac disease but learned so much in Gazzola’s overview of the discovery of the cause … one of the go-to books for those with the disease …”
Linda Hughes, Gluten Intolerance Group‘s Celebrate Gluten-Free Magazine

“Alex Gazzola’s new book on coeliac disease is a must-have for sufferers, medics, caterers and restaurant staff.”
Ian Marber, Nutritional Consultant and Broadcaster

“… will help those anxious about the condition to understand more about it. Chapters on symptoms, diagnosis and testing are followed by practical advice on managing the disease, including the emotional and psychological effects – an area too often overlooked.”
Sarah Stacey, You Magazine

“… a fantastic support for those with a diagnosis… provides much more than ‘just the basics’ of the condition and will give comfort and reassurance to those bewildered by recent diagnosis… calm clear writing style with a depth of up-to-date detailed information… an excellent book.”
Ursula Arens, Network Health Dietitians Magazine

“… well-written… factually accurate… easy to read… The contents are well selected and up to date… a useful addition to the bookshelf of anyone with coeliac disease, particularly the newly diagnosed. Its comprehensive coverage is likely to earn it a place on the shelves of many a dietetic department too.”
Tanya Thomas RD, Dietitian, Dietetics Today

“There is a huge amount of information packed into this slim little volume… a must-read bible of a book, packed full of everything you’ll ever need to know. Well written, concise and very informative.”
Ruth Holroyd, What Allergy?

“… an ideal book about the condition for the newly diagnosed, and also for those seeking diagnosis… even for those of us who have been dealing with the issues for well over a decade.”
Lucy Nixon, The Free From (Gluten) Blog

“The most informative book on coeliac disease I have ever read — all coeliacs should have a copy.”
John Burke,

“I recommend this book to anyone who is newly diagnosed with coeliac to deal with the transition to a gluten-free life as well as those who’ve been living with coeliac disease for some time and would like a refresher.”
Sian Drew, AKA Gluten Free Mrs D

“… written with much thought and empathy … a valuable tool for those with a need for knowledge on coeliac disease.”
Julie Thompson RD, Clinical Alimentary Blog

You can order the book on Amazon in print or kindle formats.

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