Living with food intolerance

lwfi-2My book Living with Food Intolerance has now sold well over 5,000 copies in various formats.

Please note that the book is now almost 15 years old and in parts out of date. Much has changed. While a lot of the advice — on support and food avoidance, for instance — will remain valid, a lot of the research / scientific and regulatory information will now be dated. It is too sympathetic to IgG antibody testing, which has now been shown to be an invalid way to test for food intolerance.

I am hoping to update the book in 2023, with the agreement of my publisher.


From the back cover:

Food intolerance is far more common than food allergy, with which it is often confused. Intolerance, which can stem from staples in the Western diet such as wheat and dairy products, provokes various adverse reactions ranging from tummy upsets and rashes to tiredness and migraines. Unlike allergies, however, intolerance can often be managed by cutting down on foods or avoiding them for a while, rather than excluding them permanently.

This book covers:

* what food intolerance is and isn’t

* types, symptoms and causes of intolerance

* how to seek an accurate diagnosis

* the most common culprit foods

* living with and recovering from your intolerance


“What makes Living with Food Intolerance such a valuable and helpful tool is Gazzola’s grounded attitude towards the subject – symptoms are dissected carefully, alternative explanations offered at every turn, and over-consumption of food frequently provided as a probable cause for discomfort. A very informative read.”
Natural Products Magazine

“This is a long overdue book, written in language that everyone can understand, providing much needed guidance for people with food intolerance.”
Muriel Simmons, Allergy UK

“An excellent introduction to the world of food intolerance, especially the detailed analyses of the myriad of triggers.”
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Foods Matter

“If you’re new to food intolerances then Alex Gazzola’s book is the perfect introduction. His is a practical, intelligent and informative guide offering you everything you need to know regarding causes, symptoms, diagnosis and how to – hence the title – live with them in the long term. I highly recommend. Such a help when I was first diagnosed – just the right tone.”
Pippa Kendrick, The Intolerant Gourmet

“Heaps of practical advice about shopping and label checking, eating out and living without allergies or intolerances getting in the way… likely to be much-needed lifeline for anyone directly or indirectly affected.”
Baby Hampshire Magazine

“Very easy to read and understand… takes the reader through the basic jargon with clear and precise writing… very positive about how to cope with an intolerance.”
Gut Reaction, The IBS Network

To buy from Amazon, click here (print copy), here (Kindle edition) or here (audio copy).

Last updated: 12th November 2021

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