Living with food allergy

lwfaPlease note that Living with Food Allergy is now out of print, and almost 20 years old, so is out of date. Rights have reverted to me, and while I had originally hoped to update and reissue the book, I now no longer plan to do so.

From the back cover:

Food allergy is on the rise. In the last decade, there has been a five-fold increase in adverse reactions to foods such as nuts, fish, wheat, milk, eggs and – increasingly – raw fruits and vegetables.

Living with Food Allergy aims to support people with food allergy, empowering them to cope with everything from the day-to-day practicalities of dealing with their condition, to the longer-term implications.

Topics covered include:

* reaction management;

* food safety, diet and nutrition;

* Oral Allergy Syndrome – food allergy triggered by hay fever;

* coping emotionally and psychologically with food allergy;

* tests, diagnoses, treatments – both orthodox and alternative;

* allergy prevention and long-term health.

lwfa-india2There is also a comprehensive resources section. Food allergy can cause great misery, but the good news is that informed and careful self-management can keep you in optimal mental and physical shape.

Living with Food Allergies is an updated version of the book, published in 2010, primarily but not exclusively aimed at the Asian market. I believe it remains in print.


“Great practical advice which shows real understanding, especially of the emotional aspects of coping with allergies, which are often overlooked. If you have an allergy, or know someone who has, Living with Food Allergy should be your bible.”
Faye Rowe, editor, allergy magazine

“With plenty of practical advice, emotional support and nutritional advice, this is an invluable read for anyone.”
Natural Products Magazine

“Heaps of practical advice about shopping and label checking, eating out and living without allergies or intolerances getting in the way… likely to be much-needed lifeline for anyone directly or indirectly affected.”
Baby Hampshire Magazine


Last updated: 30th May 2022

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