Dairy / milk free foods

Some ‘dairy free’ (or ‘vegan’) labelled foods carry ‘may contain traces of milk’ warnings, or similar. There is no widely accepted definition of ‘dairy free’ — some take it to mean ‘no milk-containing ingredients’ but others see it more strictly as ‘milk free’ (i.e. free of all traces / cross-contamination).

Brands who adopt both positions are included in the following list, with qualifications noted where known, but always check current status and individual food labels, as circumstances change often.

Bear in mind the cardinal rule: dairy free does NOT necessarily mean milk free / milk-allergy safe. (Although it almost certainly does mean lactose intolerance safe.)

The following list focuses mainly on brands producing dairy analogue products — milks, cheeses, yoghurts, chocolate, creams and ice creams. See also our ‘14 allergens free‘ list of brands which includes lots of additional safe brands.


100% plant-based drinks (nut milks, soya milks, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk), as well as yoghurts, desserts, ice cream and cream.

Antonio Russo
Ice cream.

Booja Booja
Ice creams and truffles.

Coconut Collaborative
Yoghurts and desserts. Carry or used to carry a ‘may contain milk’ warning. (Awaiting checks.)

Coconuts Naturally
Coconut-based ice creams.

Yoghurts and ice creams.

D&D Chocolates
Nut-free chocolate. NB. Their carob chocolate products carry a ‘may contain dairy trace’ warning.

Rice and vegan milks and drinks, almond ice cream.

Organic vegan milks and creams, including unsweetened varieties.

Essential Vegan
Two nut cheeses.

Fermè Fermentino
Spreadable cashew cheeses.

Coconut and avocado-based ice cream.

Good Hemp
Hemp milk.

Gozo Deli
Artisinal cashew-based cream cheese in a jar, various flavours.

Soya-based ice creams.

Coconut-based milks, yoghurts and spread.

La Cremerie
Rice yoghurts in a jar, various flavours.

Marks & Spencer
General dairy free list — scroll down to ‘Should I be eating this?’

Chocolate covered ice cream lollies. Warning that milk is handled in the factory.

Rice-based Mozzarella-like substitute.

List of foods suitable for a milk-avoidance diet.

Nutcrafter Creamery
Handcrafted tree-nut cheese alternatives.

Nut-based cheeses.

Oat milks, custard, cream, and ‘oat fraiche’.

Rice, coconut, oat, nut, soya drinks, desserts and yoghurts.

Puddings and yoghurts.

Dairy-free spreads (and meals).

Crackers, biscuits and more — vegan, nut-free and Kosher, a couple of GF products too.

Rebel Kitchen
Coconut milk drinks and yoghurts.

Dairy free ice creams based on cashews and rice milk.

Product guidance list (includes lists of other allergens, plus milk / egg and milk / gluten combined)

Cheese alternatives — slices and grated.

Tyne Cheese
Organic cultured vegan cheeses.

Wide range of vegan cheeses.

Cheese slices and spreads.

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