Low alcohol / non-alcohol gluten free beers

Alcohol free or low alcohol beers which are gluten free are becoming easier to find — although the vast majority seem to be brewed from cereals containing gluten and then deglutenised / gluten removed.

Here is a list of those available, worldwide.

Know of others? Please leave a comment.


Ambar 0,0 Celiacos Alcohol Free Gluten Free Beer (Europe / UK)

This Spanish barley-based beer is tough to get hold of.

Both Wise Bartender and LightDrinks.co.uk sell it, but they are regularly out of stock — an ongoing problem for some time.

More product info on Cervezas Ambar website here.


Drop Bear Beer (UK)

Yuzu Pale Ale, Tropical IPA, Bonfire Stout and New World Lager.

All are vegan as well as gluten free. Made with wheat and oats as well as barley, so not suitable for those with wheat allergy. 0.5% ABV.

In the UK, you can buy from Amazon UK and from the DBB website itself.


Free Damm (Europe / UK)

Barley-based, and 0.0% alcohol by volume.

There had been mutterings online for some time that this 2019-launched beer was GF, but it is only a few months after the initial launch that the Crossed Grain symbol is now being seen on new cans, and on Free Damm’s website here (scroll to bottom), which seems to confirm those rumours are true.

In the UK, you can buy it from e.g. Ocado and Tesco.


Nirvana Brewery Dark and Rich Stout (UK)

Barley-based, with chocolate, and 0.0% alcohol.

It’s vegan.

More here at the Nirvana site. Also stocked by Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender.


Big Drop Brew (UK)

Variously use all of the gluten-containing grains in their beers in ‘very small amounts’ which are ‘removed during our double filtration processes’, and test to sub 10ppm.

Some also contain lactose from milk.

They are 0.5% alcohol by volume.

The GF beers are Lager, Stout, Pale Ale, Sour and Citra IPA.

Find those five here. Some are stocked by Holland & Barrett, Beer Hawk and Ocado.


Powderkeg Brewery Green Light Quarter IPA (UK)

This is 1.2% ABV so just falls on the upper limit of the ‘low alcohol’ definition in the EU (which is 0.5–1.2%).

GF and vegan; brewed from a variety of malts, including wheat and rye.

Available in 330ml cans. Find it here.


First Chop YES (UK)

This contains all four main cereals containing gluten, including rye.

0.5% ABV. IPA.

Available in 330ml cans. Find it at Light Drinks here.


Neumarkter Lammsbrau Glutenfrei Alkoholfrei (Germany)

A German beer at 0.5%.

Available from Amazon Germany and other German outlets.


Jump Ship Brewing (UK)

No more than 0.5% ABV in their first launch, Yardarm, described as ‘zesty, biscuity and discreetly bitter’. Also vegan. There are several additions to their range now.

Order via Jump Ship’s online store here.


Infinite Session (UK)

India Pale Ale and American Pale Ale, 0.5% ABV. Available from their website.

The APA is available also from Dry Drinker.


  1. Caroline

    Suntory All-Free beer (Japan)

    Alcohol free, gluten free and zero calorie.

    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thanks Caroline! Will add it.

  2. Irene Horvath

    We really enjoy St. Pauli Girl Gluten Free Non-Alcohol Beer

    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thank you, Irene – I’ve looked into this a bit and can find no confirmation that it is gluten free at all. Do you know of any confirmation or evidence? Even the company’s website appears non responsive.

  3. Will

    Powderkeg Green Light


    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thanks Will!


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