Low alcohol / non-alcohol gluten free beers

Alcohol free or low alcohol beers which are gluten free — be they barley-based and deglutenised (gluten removed, as our US friends know them) or ‘naturally’ gluten free (made with only GF grains such as sorghum and rice) — are not easy to come across.

I only know of the brands below, but hopefully there’ll be a new addition shortly.

Know of others? Please leave a comment.


Ambar 0,0 Celiacos Alcohol Free Gluten Free Beer (Europe / UK)

This Spanish barley-based beer is currently tough to find in stock in the UK, despite being officially stocked by a number of suppliers, including The Gluten Free Shop.

Both Wise Bartender and LightDrinks.co.uk say they are currently out of stock.

Will update when picture is clearer.

More product info on Cervezas Ambar website here.


Nirvana Brewery Kosmic Stout (UK)

Barley-based, with chocolate, and 0.0% alcohol.

It’s vegan.

More here at the Nirvana site. Also stocked by Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender.


Glutenberg Non-Alcoholic (Canada)

Canadian gluten-free brewer, which brews only using naturally gluten-free grains.

This offering, at 0.1% alcohol, uses millet, buckwheat and corn.

Find it here.


Big Drop Brew (UK)

Variously use all of the gluten-containing grains in their beers in ‘very small amounts’ which are ‘removed during our double filtration processes’, and test to sub 10ppm.

Some also contain lactose from milk.

They are 0.5% alcohol by volume.

The GF beers are Lager, Stout, Pale Ale and Citra IPA.

Find those four here.


Suntory All-Free (California (US), Japan)

Japanese alcohol free (0.0%), calorie free and gluten free “beer-like beverage”, which appears to have limited distribution in California.

See the website here.

There’s one trader selling a six-pack on Amazon US here and another selling a 24-pack here.


Dos Amigos (UK)

A gluten-free beer with 0.5% alcohol, exclusively available from Dry Drinker in the UK.

Vegan too.

Find it here.


Powderkeg Brewery Green Light Quarter IPA (UK)

This is 1.2% ABV so just falls on the upper limit of the ‘low alcohol’ definition in the EU (which is 0.5–1.2%).

GF and vegan; brewed from a variety of malts, including wheat and rye.

Available in 330ml cans. Find it here.



  1. Caroline

    Suntory All-Free beer (Japan)

    Alcohol free, gluten free and zero calorie.

    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thanks Caroline! Will add it.

  2. Irene Horvath

    We really enjoy St. Pauli Girl Gluten Free Non-Alcohol Beer

    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thank you, Irene – I’ve looked into this a bit and can find no confirmation that it is gluten free at all. Do you know of any confirmation or evidence? Even the company’s website appears non responsive.

  3. Will

    Powderkeg Green Light


    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Thanks Will!


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