Links to articles on coeliac disease, food intolerance, food allergy and other allergies I’ve written in recent years.



Network Health Digest — Free From Bites Column (June)

Foods Matter — US versus EU Allergen Labelling Laws (May)

Free From Foods Matter — Free From at CIBUS (May)

Network Health Digest — Free From Bites Column (March)



Network Health Digest — IBS: Beyond Low FODMAP (November, pp 47-9)

Foods Matter — How Coeliac Friendly is Your Eucharistic Host? (July)

Foods Matter — Allergy Free Kids: A Review (May)



Foods Matter — Gluten Ataxia: When Grain Attacks Brain (June)

Foods Matter — Goodbye, Non-Gluten Containing Ingredients (June)

Foods Matter — Rare Food Allergies (February)



Foods Matter — Gastrodiet 2015. Food Intolerance: FODMAPs, Gluten and Beyond (November)

Foods Matter — Another Person’s Poison – a review (August)

Skins Matter — Titanium Sensitivity (August)

Foods Matter — Why ‘Vegan’ May Not Always Mean ‘Milk Free’ (April)

Coeliacs Matter — Coeliac Disease: Prevention and Therapeutic Advances (Coeliac UK’s Annual Research Conference) (March)


Earlier Articles

Food Matters Live — Taste Matters: Innovation in Free-From Product Formulations (December 2014)

Food Matters Live — Delivering Free-From Products in the Food Service Sector (December 2014)

Free From Foods Matter — Food Allergen Labelling … All Change in December (December 2014)

Coeliacs Matter — Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: A Clinical Perspective (November 2014)

Coeliacs Matter — Understanding the Patient: Coeliac Disease and Associated Conditions (Coeliac UK’s Annual Research Conference) (March 2014)

Coeliacs Matter — Just Help Yourself: Coping with Coeliac Disease (January 2014)

Foods Matter — Gut Health, Allergies and Intolerance Symposium, Nutrition and Health Live (November 2013)

Coeliacs Matter — Oats in the Gluten Free Diet (October 2013)

Natural Health — Food Intolerance: 30 Steps to Food Fitness (July 2013)

Foods Matter — FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 Report (April 2013)

Coeliacs Matter — A Gluten Free Tour of Whole Foods Market (March 2013)

Natural Health — Free From: Could it be a Health Hazard? (January 2013) (from 2009)

Foods Matter — FreeFrom Food Awards 2012 Report (April 2012)

Coeliacs Matter — NCGS and gluten-related / coeliac spectrum terminologies (March 2012)

Coeliacs Matter — Revising Paediatric Diagnostic Criteria for Coeliac Disease: ESPGHAN (February 2012)

Action Against Allergy — Immunotherapy: The Cutting Edge (December 2011) — Food Allergens: From Social Stigma to Sampling (November 2011)

Skins Matter — Gluten Free Skincare (November 2011) — Baby Allergies (November 2011)

DS Gluten Free Blog — Meet Alex: The Health Journalist (October 2011)

Coeliacs Matter — Coeliac Disease: What you need to know (May 2011)

Daily Mail — How Eating Bread Turned me into a Physical Wreck (May 2011)

Skins Matter — Allergy Show 2011 Skincare Review (May 2011)

Foods Matter — Food Allergy in India (July 2010)

Skins Matter — Contact Dermatitis and Cosmetics (June 2010)

Foods Matter — Novel Preventative and Therapeutic Treatments for Coeliac Disease (December 2009)

Foods Matter — Nutritional Sufficiency and the Gluten Free Diet (November 2009)

Foods Matter — Additives and Ingredients used in FreeFrom Food (September 2009)

Media Planet Supplement / The Guardian — Your Stomach (Editor) (June 2009)

Media Planet Supplement / The Guardian — Asthma & Allergies (Editor) May 2009

Foods Matter — Nucleo Power: Nucleotides for Gut Health and IBS (April 2009)

Foods Matter — Goodbye Gluten Free Diet (November 2008)

Optimum Nutrition — Gut Reaction: The Science Behind Crohn’s Disease (Summer 2008)

The Guardian — Seven Food Alarms: Symptoms of Food Sensitivities (August 2006)

Foods Matter — Oral Allergy Syndrome (August 2006)

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