Soya free foods

NB. Notable soya-free products, brands and lists are given below, but see also our ‘14 allergens free‘ list of brands, which will also be safe for those avoid soya.


D&D Chocolates
Milk-free and nut-free chocolate. NB. Their carob chocolates are NOT soya free.

Jackson’s Yorkshire Champion Bread
Three loaves of gluten bread.

Marks & Spencer
General soya free list — scroll down to ‘Should I be eating this?’

Regularly updated soya-avoidance suitability list.

Product guidance for people avoiding soya.

United Biscuits
Biscuits, cakes, crackers. Regularly updated list of foods suitable for a ‘soya avoidance diet’.

Vegan cheeses, including a soya-free selection.

Own-label products suitable for those avoiding soya.

List of soya-free foods.

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