14 allergens free foods

The brands listed here have either confirmed that they are free from all 14 EU food allergens, and/or else neither any of the 14 allergens are used as ingredients in any of their products, nor are there any ‘may contain’ or other precautionary warnings on packaging. Some brands operate dedicated nut-free or allergen-free sites.

You may also like to check out the #14free hashtag on Twitter, which I and other allergy advocates use to share products that are confirmed or appear to be free of the main 14.

That said, usual disclaimers apply: check labelling and with manufacturers with regard to your own allergies, to ensure that neither ingredients nor manufacturing methods have changed recently.


Free From all 14 Food Allergens

Angels & Cookies — ready-to-bake cookie dough.

Babease — baby weaning foods.

Bake it Freefrom — baking kits (see their allergy statement on site).

Calvin’s Free From — coconut bread rolls.

Enjoy — chocolate / raw chocolate, drinking chocolate, fudge, various flavours.

Freedom Chocolate — artisan chocolate bars

Good Grain Bakery — breads and bakery.

Happy Snack Company — roasted chickpea / broad bean snacks.

Lickalix — lollies, and frozen fruit / veg ‘baby kubes’

London Falafel — falafel.

Matatie — cakes for kids (France-based, delivers to Europe)

Mortimer Chocolate — chocolate powders, drinks and cocoas.

Mr Popple’s Chocolate — raw organic chocolate bars

My Gammies — bakery, sweet and savoury

Ooh! Dairy Free — chocolate bars in five flavours.

Pip Organic — juices, drinks and lollies

Play in Choc — organic chocolate and coconut with creative play, for kids

Push Chocolate — high-protein vegan chocolate

Quinola Mothergrain — quinoa, ready-made quinoa pouches, pulses and quinoa cakes, kids meals …

Rainforest Foods — ‘Bambeanies’ (rice and bean-based cereals)

Really Indian — curry sauces.

Rizopia — organic brown rice pastas

Simpleas — pea-based snacks.

Slightly Different Foods — Sauces free from onion and garlic, and low-FODMAP — Bolognaise, curry and chilli.

Smooze — ‘freeze at home’ fruit ices made from coconut and fruit.

Soupologie — soups.

Spice Sanctuary — spices, including a gluten-free asafoetida.

Super Moons — lentil-based puffs.

Sweet Freedom — fruit syrups / sweeteners (also chocolate products, but see this Twitter thread).

Venice Bakery UK — pizza bases and other baked goods.

Vi Kitchen — Asian ready-made sauces.

Yorica — frozen desserts

YumEarth Organics  — confectionery. (On Amazon too.)


Almost Free From 14 Food Allergens

Here are some brands which ‘may contain’ or use one or two food allergens, often in only a few products, and therefore may be suitable for many.

BFree Foods — breads and wraps. One new loaf contains gluten-free oats.

Cocoa Libre — chocolates. Only allergen used is soya (lecithin).

Creative Nature — snack bars contain gluten free oats; other products (eg baking mixes, snack bites) are free of all 14 declarable allergens.

Doves Farm — flours, biscuits, cereals, cereal bars. Some contain cereals containing gluten only; gluten-free products contain none of the 14 allergens.

Eat Real Foods — lentil, quinoa and other veggie snacks, all of which free of the 14 except Veggie Straws and Veggie Chips which contain soya / celery traces.

Enjoy Life Foods — US brand: biscuits, chips, mixes, bars and bites. A few contain gluten-free oats.

Eskal — nut-free sunflower butters. Contain or processed on a line with soya.

The Foraging Fox — beetroot ketchup (no allergens); mayonnaises have egg and mustard.

Free & Easy — two products (bean cassoulet, vegetable hotpot) contain celery; cheese-flavour sauce mix contains soya. (Mixes and curry pasts are free of the 14 allergens.)

Freedom Mallows — marshmallows (also gelatine-free / vegan). Naked marshmallows are ’14 free’; the chocolate mallows have a hazelnut warning.

FreeFrom Italy — pasta sauces (Le Conserve della Nonna Tomato & Basil sauce contains celery) and pastas (may contain traces of soya warning)

Good Hemp Foods — hemp milks, seeds, protein powders and oils; a hemp blend mix which contains oats.

Goody Good Stuff — confectionary. ‘May contain wheat starch traces’ warning only — but products are confirmed gluten-free. Available on Amazon.

Gosh! Free From — vegan bites, bakes and bean burgers; only the sausage rolls contain cereals containing gluten.

Hari Hari — curry spice mixes. Some contain mustard.

Incredible Bakery — breads and cakes. Only use gluten-free oats.

Inkka Quinoa Pasta — quinoa flour pasta. Contains egg.

Jackson’s Bakery — breads. Use cereals containing gluten only.

Koko Dairy Free — milk / spread. Also yoghurts, but ‘made in a factory where nuts‘ used warning on these.

Lazy Day Foods — sweet bakery treats eg tiffins and shortbreads. Only use soya.

Moo Free — chocolate. Contain / may contain hazelnuts.

Munch Free — children’s food. Contains GF oats only.

NOMO — chocolate. Dark variety contains soya lecithin.

Ombar — chocolate. Contain / may contain tree nuts only.

Orgran — baking mixes, dry pastas, crackers, flours, sweet products. Molasses licorice contains soya; apple and cinnamon pancake mix, chocolate and amaretti biscuits contain sulphur dioxide.

Plamil — chocolate products mostly either contain / may contain soya; plain egg-free ‘mayo’ products contain mustard.

Rakusen’s — Crackers, biscuits and more — vegan and Kosher, a couple of GF products too. Use only gluten-containing cereals (wheat and oats) and soya.

Sunrise Bakery — sweet and savoury baked goods — nut and seed free site. Only use gluten-containing cereal (wheat) and soya.

The Gluten Free Bakery — gluten-free bread mixes and breads. Only use gluten-free oats.

The Toasted Seed Company — hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seed snacks.

Tigg’s — sauces and marinades. Use only mustard and celery in some. The pea and basil ‘pesto’ is 14-free.

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