Sunrise Bakery: nut free and seed free

A friend of mine’s latest hobby is ‘yellow stickering’, as she’s dubbed it: doing the supermarket rounds during late hours for ultra-reduced products set to turn past their sell-by or best-before at midnight.

Well, I just inadvertently stumbled into a yellow stickering frenzy at my local Morrison’s, and dodged enough shoppers’ elbows to come away with some Sunrise Bakery Bulla Cake for 5p. Naturally, my interest was purely professional and not motivated whatsoever by cake-gluttony: Sunrise Bakery products, which I’d previously spotted and shared with followers on Facebook, have a ‘nut and seed free’ claim on their labelling. (I take nuts to include peanuts, but haven’t confirmed.)

You get three flat cakes, that look like very large squashed hamburger buns, but are a fair bit weightier. They are quite dry, quite dense (texture is not unlike some of the gluten-free bread you used to get pre-Genius), very sweet. I enjoyed the cake more toasted. Homemade jam spread atop a slice made it too sweet; marmalade worked better, but still too sweet for me. The Sunrise Bakery website recommends eating it with avocado; to be frank, I can’t imagine two more non-complementary foods, but perhaps that’s the traditional way to go, and in fairness it would balance out the excessive sweetness. Anyway, kids I’m sure would like the cake. Although nut free and seed free, the Bulla Cake contains wheat/gluten and soya. No egg or milk – neither in ingredients nor ‘may contain’ – and it appears to be vegan, although only vegetarian is claimed.

They also do Caribbean sliced bread, hard dough bread and spiced buns – all of which are made with wheat flour, but are nut free and seed free, as the company operate a no nut or seed policy at their bakery. You can find them online at Morrison’s, but I’ve struggled to find them elsewhere. You can, though, get the Small Spiced Bun at Amazon.

I’ll add further links if I come across them.

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