Allergen free foods

Although no food can strictly be described as being ‘allergy free’ or ‘allergen free’, in the EU the terms are generally considered to apply to any products which are free from the 14 key EU-defined food allergens.

For a regularly updated list of such products, click to our ‘14 allergens free foods‘ article, which also includes some ‘near miss’ brands which use only one or two allergens in their produce, and therefore may be suitable for many with multiple allergies.

Other Useful Links

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  1. dairyfreebabyandme

    Some great products here, but must add a word of caution about Zero Zebra. I believe Ruth Holroyd of 'What Allergy?' had a reaction once to these??

  2. Carly Talbot

    You could add the Bakels home bake bread mixes to your list and I think also the provena one (depending if you count oats or not ;))

  3. Alex G

    I link to their allergen statement, as it does elaborate on their particular position. I'll drop Ruth a line, though – and them too, so they can comment.

  4. Alex G

    Oats are one of the 14 – GF or not – but it's just brands I'm going for at this stage, or else it'll be too big to manage. Provena seem to use other allergens (soy, sulphites) in other products. I'll check in with Bakels. Thanks!

  5. Yum Earth

    Hello- Thanks for including us (Better Little Treats) in your list. Our Yum Earth brand is free of the most common allergens, please do get in touch if you would like more information. Thanks 🙂

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