Low FODMAP foods

Although there are lots of low-FODMAP products out there (which, if you’re on a FODMAP restricted diet, your dietitian can help you find), and many gluten-free products (such as flours) happen to be incidentally low-FODMAP, the number of brands marketing themselves exclusively or primarily as low FODMAP is still quite low. Here is a selection.

Slightly Different Foods is another new company offering catering and retail supplies of foods and meals free from onion, garlic, lactose and gluten-containing grains.

The Australians, meanwhile, are perhaps a little ahead of us — understandable, given it is the birthplace of the low FODMAP diet. Fodmapped calls itself the ‘world’s first FODMAP food brand’ and includes a range of sauces, stocks and soups — but not yet available outside Australia and New Zealand.

trueself make low FODMAP snack bars — including lemon poppy, banana cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Also Australian are SOME Foods, who describe themselves as food producers with a low FODMAP focus. They have a six-strong range of Italian, Indian and Thai cooking sauces, as well as a selection of spice fusions. They have distribution only in Australia and are currently looking at international shipping.

And Foddies — who describe themselves as ‘fructose friendly food’ — have treats, sauces and protein balls.

In the States, there is Nicer Foods — makers of FODMAP friendly foods, including bouillon cubes, garlic / onion infused olive oils, spice blends — and the Be Nice Low-FODMAP diet bars — cereal bars made with quinoa, peanut butter, rice syrup, chocolate, rice protein, coconut oil and chia — which have their own dedicated website. They do ship internationally — to the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — as well as some continental European nations. Click through to their shop here.

Finally, take a look at Casa de Sante, who make lemon tonic / wellness infusions, and herb and spice mixes, which are free from onion and garlic. Currently, they deliver only within the US.

Encouragingly, there are also FODMAP friendly certification initiatives — The FODMAP Friendly Food Program and the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program — which should become more widespread internationally, and will help shoppers with IBS find suitable foods.


  1. casadesante

    Hi! Thanks for mentioning us at Casa De Sante! Our products are now FOSMAP Friendly Certified, we now ship internationally, and our new website is http://www.casadesante.com

  2. Slightly Different Foods

    Thanks For mentioning us at Slightly Different Foods. Our Low FODMAP ‘Sweet Quebec’ Pork, Bacon and Maple Syrup Sausage has Just been Shortlisted for the ‘Free From Foods Awards2017’ and carries the ‘Crossed Grain logo’. We have a Vegan Range coming soon and are prototyping many other foods and combinations. All our Products are analysed and certified as gluten and Wheat free and Low in Fructose and of course contain NO High FODMAP ingredients – especially NO onion or Garlic.


  3. Christie

    What a great list. We’ll definitely check them out. We also have some FODMAP-friendly recipes on our blog, which I think you’ll like. Take a look: http://www.eatfitsa.com/ibs-recipes/


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