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Think you’re food sensitive? You’re probably deluded, says Telegraph Doc

In posts earlier this week, I questioned the validity of the Flour Advisory Bureau’s Wheat Hypersensitivity Report, written by a team at the University of Portsmouth, and criticised the media’s reporting of it. The most dislikeable follow-up piece of writing…
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How the papers got it wrong on food allergy and intolerance. Again

My first post on February 14th explained how a press release from the University of Portsmouth about their Wheat Hypersensitivity Report, which was commissioned by the Flour Advisory Bureau, a body representing the British flour and milling industry, was faithfully…
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Old news is new news in food allergy and intolerance

21st January 2010 saw a press release fall into my in-tray from the University of Portsmouth’s press department. It opened: “Too many people are self-diagnosing food allergies and could be restricting their diet unnecessarily, according to a new report by the…
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