Gluten free oat product recall – and unaffected oat products

There has been a flurry of activity towards the end of September with product recalls due to contamination of gluten-free oats. Here are links to the effected products:

* Some batches of Sainsbury’s Free From Oats. (Link to FSA here.)

* Some date codes of Tesco’s Free From Muesli and Porridge. (Link to FSA here.)

* Some batches of Asda Free From oat muesli and porridge oats. (Link to FSA here.)

* Some date codes of Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Rolled Oats and Original Gluten Free Purely Oaty Fruity Nut Muesli. (Link to the site here.)

* Some date codes of Co-op Free From Gluten and Dairy Free muesli are affected. (See link to FSA here.)

Unaffected Products

I have spoken to Rebecca from Glebe Farm, who grow their own oats and she has confirmed that it is *not* Glebe Farm oats being supplied to the above producers or supermarkets – so Glebe Farm products are safe.

Nairn’s have told me they do not use the supplier of the batch which has been contaminated, so Nairn’s GF products are unaffected too.

SimplyFreeShop have tweeted that they have received confirmation that Juvela GF oats are okay.

Hale and Hearty are unaffected as well – I have just spoken to them. Their GF porridge oats remain safe.

Alara products are safe.

Thanks also to Alex from Alara for confirming that Morrisons GF oats are unaffected too.

Additional information

I’ve been informed by one of the affected companies that it is the same supplier responsible for all. Another contact has confirmed that the supplier of the contaminated oats is Swedish. According to regular poster Charlotte on the GF message board, the problem has arisen from a packaging problem in Holland.

I am keeping this post regularly updated as and when I learn more information. If you can help with further information, feel free to contact me through my personal website, or leave a comment. Thanks.

Post last updated 11.50 Wednesday 28th September 2011.

(PS. Guidelines and info on oats in the gluten free diet are available from Coeliac UK’s website here.)

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