Energy healing: an instant food allergy cure?

So this came in yesterday: 

Hi Alex, 

I read your blog on food allergies. I teach energy healing, and I have worked out a way to harmonise the threat of a potential allergen, so that the body no longer reacts. The treatment is instant, the results can be easily seen straight away with kinesiology, or indeed by consuming the foodstuff. 

I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a first person article on this in exchange for the treatment?  

For more info please refer to my website, and specifically this page on allergy desensitisation. 

Kind regards,

My response, lightly edited to avoid identification, was this:

Hi Name,   

Thanks for writing. I’m not sure you can read my blog that closely as I don’t have food allergies and I consider kinesiology fanciful and unproven. 

There is no cure – not quick nor slow – for food allergy – although there are some long desensitisation protocols which seem promising in trials – and the promise on your website to make patients allergies’ ‘vanish … ‘ is potentially dangerous. Allergy is not a failure of the body to recognise a substance’s  ‘energy’ as you say – the immune system recognises allergens as potential threats, and reacts accordingly. 

Please would you consider removing this material from your site? I would also like to put you in touch with an allergist or immunologist who can explain what allergies actually are, and that they cannot be treated using the practices you describe.    

I look forward to hearing from you.   

Alex Gazzola.

To the person’s credit, they are willing to consult with an allergist and even demonstrate their work. 

I don’t want this to be a Twitter witch hunt, and I am not going to put the individual’s name online. I also hope bloggers who may have received the same letter as I avoid doing so too. But it is to me alarming that the practitioner appears prepared to treat allergic individuals and then encourage them to consume a food to demonstrate their allergy has been successfully treated. 

If there is an allergist – or allergy charity? – willing to engage with the individual concerned, please email me via the contact me icon at my website


  1. Dolphinwitch

    Wow, that is pretty scary, I wonder how many people have already been 'treated' by this person or similar folk? I'm impressed by your restrained response to them.

  2. Vincent Leleux

    I am an energy healer and I heal any allergy in 2 x 30 min distant session ( over the phone or Skype ). I don’t guarantee the healing will work, but I see it working with most people.
    I healed my own allergies and I have plenty of testimonials to prove that what I do is effective.

    There is absolutely no danger in what I do, and I just cannot do anything without the permission of my client.
    Could you explain what could be the potential danger?

    what makes you say with so much certainty that there is no cure for allergy – I don’t call it cure, I call it healing btw.

    Through my experience I know that people have to trust that I will help, if they are trying to prove me wrong, there is no chance for the healing to work in any way.


    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Hi Vincent,

      Allergists and immunologists – the experts – tell us that there are no cures, although there are desensitisation protocols.

      There is plenty of danger in ‘healing’ a person with (serious) allergies and giving them the impression that they can safely then expose themselves to a previously unsafe allergenic trigger.

      Have you ever submitted what you do for scientific assessment? The beauty of science, of course, is that even if you ‘try to prove it wrong’ – it won’t mind at all, and will still reveal the truth. If belief is essential, then we’re dealing with faith healing. Not science, if it needs spelling out.

      There was a follow-up to this post, fyi:

      Best wishes, Alex

      1. Vincent Leleux

        I would love to submit it to scientific assessment, but I don’t think it is realistically possible. I do my own tests and research and what matters to me is that it works for my clients, none of them ever complained, they know that they are responsible of what they do, they confirm me that the healing has worked. Most of them don’t have food allergy, they have hay fever and pollen allergy, I don’t tell them to expose themselves to the allergen, it happens naturally, and most confirm that it has gone.
        It’s a pity that so many people suffer so badly when I can help them. I inform them of my way of working and the conditions, they accept it before any session. From now on I will add terms and conditions to make people aware of what they engage themselves into.
        Thank you

  3. Gil

    Vincent how can I reach you for possible treatment

    1. Vincent Leleux

      send me an email to and I will reply as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you

  4. Dr. Hannah Arnold

    Dear all,

    I consider myself to be a scientific person. I got my phd from oxford. After my father‘s death i had three years of terrible ibs. I had my intestines looked at, nothing abnormal. I had medical allergy tests done, nothing. I had stopped eating gluten and lactose as it helped but it also made life miserable. A friend recommended a healer and i was curious. After two sessions, in which she tested kinesiologically that i did indeed have gluten and lactose intolerances, she cleared those and i have been symptom free since. After three years of pain. All school medicine had to say that i had to live with it. Really glad i don‘t! Please don‘t discourage people from seeking help from GOOD alternative practitioners who know what they are doing and have huge success rates – which is very apparent when you are prepared to have a closer look. I thought this was utter nonesense and yet it worked.

    With warm reapectful greetings and best wishes,

    1. Alex G (Post author)

      Very pleased things worked out for you, Hannah, but I will carry on discouraging people from alternative practitioners where the evidence (sourced from many, not just one individual) determines as such. Kinesiology is discredited nonsense, and I’m afraid a single experience – no matter how positive – does not mean my view, or those of the scientists, should change at all. Best wishes, Alex.

    2. Melanie

      Hannah, could you tell me the name of the practitioner you used? I’m sensitive to most foods and I’m only able to eat 2 foods currently without disabling symptoms. Thanks so much

  5. Rc

    Sorry I am with Alex on this. I am a energy practitioner but my daughter has a severe food allergy and I would definitely hesitate seeking out total elimination of a severe allergy through a practitioner of energy. Please note anaphylactic shock is not something anything wants to test. Allergy suffers please consult a medical practitioner. An ethical energy practitioner would also advise as such.


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