Allergen free pickles and chutneys

Earlier this summer I wrote about my disappointment with Morrisons and their free from signage and labelling, and they’ve not been in favour lately also due to their refusal to comment on issues I raised in that post (see here for more on that), and failing to get back to me regarding withdrawn free from chocolate products (see here for more on that).

One of the issues I addressed in that July post was which foods should and shouldn’t be stocked in the free from section or aisle of supermarkets, and what constituted a free from food in the first place. Free from foods can and often are stocked well away from the free from section (sometimes located dually in both), but more than that, some of the most interesting so-called allergy friendly products can also be encountered far from where you’d normally may expect, and to give Morrison’s their due credit, I recently found a clutch of condiments which were free of all 14 top allergens, with not a ‘may contain’ PAL warning in sight.

Pickles and chutneys often include allergens (such as mustard in the spicing mix, or barley in the vinegar), but this batch of Morrison’s own brand ‘The Best’ products avoid both, making use of alternative vinegars to malt. Interesting that in one example they tick a further allergy friendly box in itemising the spice mix, and in one case they don’t — always frustrating to those with non-mustard spice allergies that their particular allergens may not always be mentioned in the ingredients when a blend has been used.

And there are quite a few more, which I’ve shared on my Facebook page here.

What are your favourite or best top allergen-free finds in supermarkets from well outside the designated free from zone?

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