2015 M&S FreeFrom Launches

Having been so distracted by the whole M&S-branded Kinnerton chocolate saga – if you’ve missed it, catch up with Part 1 here and with Part 2 here – I’ve neglected to tell you about the many good-looking new launches which M&S told me that they had planned for the new year within their Made Without ranges.

So here they are. This is all the info I have, and from what I gathered these are expected to hit shelves around March / April time – although dates can sometimes be changeable when it comes to launches.

Gluten-free (“Made Without Wheat”)
Cornish cruncher cheddar thins with red onion marmalade
Cornish cruncher cheddar thins with a hint of chilli
Twice baked walnut toasts
Twice baked Apricot and rosemary toasts
Various sweet bakery goods (tea loaf, tea cakes, pancakes, scones)
Various savoury bakery goods (green olive ciabatta rolls, baguette, pizza bases)
Several cereals

Dairy-free (“Made Without Dairy”)
Almond Milk
‘Cheese’ Slices
Coconut Yoghurts (Natural, and Vanilla)
Chocolate coconut milk
Chocolate Easter Egg


  1. Emma Louise

    I am trying to be excited but I have to admit having to avoid wheat, gluten, dairy and lactose I am doubtful that M&S will have created products that avoid multiple allergens. Fingers crossed!

  2. Alex G

    I expect all the DF options above are also GF, but not sure about vice versa – the cheesy ones will definitely not be DF, and imagine some will have butter. Multiple free-from attributes is the way the industry is moving, though not sure M&S have cottoned on to that just yet. I'm not a free-from buyer so not sure whether I'm best placed to judge though …

  3. dairyfreebabyandme

    Interestingly enough, their Dark Chocolate Jazzies (buttons with sprinkles) are df but NOT gf. Bit disappointed!


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