Independent a2 milk study

One of the question marks regarding the well-publicised research into a2 milk – as I touched upon in a recent blog – is that much of it has been funded by the a2 Milk Company™ which is its leading supplier.

Promisingly, a new study has been announced by researchers at the University of Reading, titled Effects of a2 Milk on Gastrointestinal Function in Non-Lactose Milk Intolerance, which is fully independent of the involvement of the a2 Milk Company™.

They are recruiting.

Lead investigator Dr Sandrine Claus says they need people who self-report intolerance to regular milk, but continue to consume it in modest quantities (for instance in tea and coffee), and who are not lactose intolerant nor have CMPA or SIBO (which will be tested for / ruled out, as applicable). Non-smokers aged 18-56 in good general health are being sought. Excluded are those whose milk intolerance is linked to eczema. As Dr Claus told me: “We are only focusing on those who experience some levels of gastrointestinal discomfort within a few hours post-ingestion [of milk]”.

For more detailed eligibility criteria, see the site.

Volunteers will receive financial compensation for their time. Four visits to the university will be required, so reasonable proximity to Reading will be helpful.

For further information or enquiries, contact Areej Alumraee at or call 0118 378 7771.

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