Gluten free panettone and vegan panettone

Here is a round-up of the vegan panettoni and gluten-free panettoni I’ve found so far in the main supermarkets and other online outlets for 2022. 

However, we don’t seem to be any nearer a panettone free from all 14 declarable allergens either, or even a vegan and GF one … Anyone?


Free From Italy (GoVegan! / Probios)

Free From Italy, who import GoVegan! and Probios panettoni, have a selection of eight this year, including two gluten-free options. Most of the rest are vegan and some are free from a number of allergens.

Click here to see whether any might be appropriate for your needs, and perhaps double-check before ordering re: ‘may contain’.



This year Tesco appear to be only stocking the Schar Gluten Free Panettone with Raisins (£7; 420g). Contains: egg and milk. May contain: soya and mustard. Click here



Ocado have three options: 

The Probios Organic Vegan Panettone (£10/300g) (contains cereals containing gluten; may contain traces of soy). Click here

Like Tesco, the Schar Gluten Free Panettone with Raisins (£7; 420g). Contains: egg and milk. May contain: soya and mustard. Click here

And the GoVegan Organic Chocolate Panettone (£16; 500g) (Contains: cereals containing gluten and soya. May contain: nuts). Click here



There’s the Vergani Vegan Panettone (£12; 750g) (contains wheat and soy; may contain milk, eggs, ‘nuts’ / ‘tree nuts’). Click here.  

And the only gluten-free options appears to be the ‘mini’ Waitrose Free From Panettone (£2.60; 100g) (contains milk and egg; may contain soya, mustard and sesame). Click here


Vorrei / Evvivo

Italian online food deli Vorrei stock the Evvivo Organic Handmade Vegan Panettone (500g, £19.90) — vegan, milk free, egg free; contains wheat, oat, barley; may contain nuts, sesame, soya; click here.


The Italian Food Shop

Sell the Valentino Gluten Free Panettone, although not yet in stock at time of writing. More when we have it. Click here


Vergani (Saclà / Lina Stores)

You can order the Vergani Gluten Free Panettone (600g, £16) through Saclà (contains milk, egg, sulphur dioxide; may contain nuts, peanuts, soya). Click here

They also have the Vergani Vegan Panettone (as Waitrose above, but much dearer). Click here

Lina Stores have both a Vergani GF Panettone with Pistachio (600g, £24.95) (contains pistachio, egg, milk; may contain nuts, peanuts, soy) and a Plain GF Panettone (600g, £23.95) (contains sulphites, egg, milk; may contain nuts, peanuts, soy). Find both at the bottom of their main panettoni page. Click here.  


Eversfield Organic / Artysan by Organico

Gluten Free Organic Panettone by Artysan (500g, £20.71) — gluten-free only; contains milk and eggs; no ‘may contain’ info supplied. Click here

You can get it slightly cheaper directly from Organico at £19.95. Click here



Panettone Senza Glutine (£17.95, 600g). GF. Contains milk / egg. May contain peanuts, nuts, soya. Click here

Il Dolce di Natale Vegano (£17.95, 750g). Vegan. Contains wheat / soya. May contain nuts, milk, mustard eggs. Click here


Taste from the Med

Gluten Free Panettone Box (500g; £12.99) — gluten-free; contains eggs, milk; may contain tree nuts, mustard, soya and sesame. Click here


Pasticceria Fraccaro

Tenuta Marmorelle Gluten Free Panettone (500g or 600g (unclear), £18.99) — GF; contains egg, milk; may contain tree nuts, soy, sesame, mustard. From Webbs. Click here

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