Low alcohol / non-alcoholic gluten free beers

Alcohol free or low alcohol beers which are gluten free — be they barley-based and deglutenised (gluten removed, as our US friends know them) or ‘naturally’ gluten free (made with only GF grains such as sorghum and rice) — are not easy to find.

Having been asked for some suggestions recently, I hunted and asked around.

I’ve found only three. Here they are.

Know of others? Please leave a comment.


Ambar 0,0 Celiacos Alcohol Free Gluten Free Beer 

This Spanish barley-based beer is currently tough to find in stock in the UK, despite being officially stocked by a number of suppliers, including The Gluten Free Shop.

Will update when picture is clearer.

More product info on Cervezas Ambar website here.


Nirvana Brewery Kosmic Stout (UK)

Barley-based, with chocolate, and 0.0% alcohol.

It’s vegan.

More here.


Glutenberg Non-Alcoholic (Canada)

Canadian gluten-free brewer, which brews only using naturally gluten-free grains.

This offering, at 0.1% alcohol, uses millet, buckwheat and corn.

Find it here.


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