Nut and peanut free foods

Not all these brands may make a specific on-pack nut-free claim, but avoid nuts in their products and operate no-nuts factories, lines or sites. Always double-check in case of any change in policy.

NB. Nut / peanut free brands listed below, but see also our ‘14 allergens free‘ list of brands, which will also be safe.

Al Chipino
Tortilla chips.

Amy’s Kitchen
Say they use “no peanuts or peanut-based products as ingredients in our food”.

Artisan Bread Organic (ABO)
Gluten / wheat / dairy free breads – and some other bakery products, as well as unusual flours (chufa / tiger nut flour) and spreads (vegan chocolate icing and chocolate-free spread).

Berkleys Nut Free Chocolate
Chocolate! For adults, kids, seasonal, and wedding favours.

Beyond Dark
Chocolate drops. Say they are nut free (as well as wheat / gluten / dairy free).

BOL Foods
Ready-made dinner bowls, lunch pots and salad jars, made on a nut-free manufacturing site.

Cauldron Foods
Vegetarian / tofu food products. “All our products are made on nut free sites”.

Celtic Chocolate
Their nut policy statement would suggest they are suitable for a nut-free diet.

The Collective
Dairy yoghurts. Their Suckies for kids fruit yogurts (with no added sugars) only are made in a nut-free segregated area of a factory. Details on tweets here and here.

D&D Chocolates
Chocolate and carob confectionary. “All our products are nut free”.

Nut-free and peanut-free sunflower butters.

Get Buzzing
Snack bars and flapjacks.

Gluten-free meals made in a nut-free facility.

Highland Speciality
Shortbread biscuits. Safe, according to Tom’s Secret Agents.

Inka Snacks
South American-inspired snacks. GF as well as nut free.

Isabel’s FreeFrom
Baking mixes, sauces, gravy granules – all made in a nut-free environment.

Just Crisps
Crisps, bean / pea snacks.

Just Love Food Co
Nut-free cakes, including some Sainsbury’s brand.

Kettle Chips
Nut-free products and nuts not handled in the factory.

Chocolate. See their Nut Safety Promise.

Koko Dairy Free
Coconut milk and spread. Also yoghurts but these carry a ‘made in factory where nuts handled’ warning.

Snacks and treats. Free from peanuts only (not tree nuts).

Lily Tree Bakery
Newcastle-based local baker specialising in free from cakes – all nut free as well as vegan / GF etc.

Gluten-free tortilla chips, various flavours, made in a nut-free factory.

Marks & Spencer
Their nut/peanut free list – scroll down to ‘Should I be eating this?’

Mrs O’s Fuss Free Mixes
Egg free and dairy free mixes made in a nut-free environment.

List of foods suitable for a nut-avoidance diet.

Nut Free Chocolate People
“Delicious chocolate without nuts or nuts traces”

Chocolate, carob, egg free mayo, plant milks. No nuts on site.

Polly’s Pantry
Homemade biscuits. GF / DF as well as nut free.

Curries, chutnies, naans and more.

Crackers, biscuits and more – vegan and Kosher, a couple of GF products too.

Natural and organic rice pastas. ” … produced in nut free premises”.

Rococo Chocolates
ONLY their Grenada Chocolate Company bar range is nut free (and GF / DF). See their ‘guarantee’ here.

Product guidance for people avoiding nuts and peanuts, with a combined list for egg too.

Scarlett and Mustard
Dressings, condiments, curds, sauces, marinades and oils.

Sugar and Crumbs
Flavoured icing sugars and cocoa powders, made in a nut free factory. Also GF / DF.

United Biscuits
Biscuits, cakes, crackers. Regularly updated list of foods suitable for a ‘nut avoidance diet’.

Own-label products suitable for those avoiding nuts and peanuts.

Nut and peanut list – for Weetabix, Alpen, Ready Brek, Oatibix.

Zeina Foods
Tree nut snacks. Free from peanut, only.

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