Low FODMAP Brands

This is a list of low-FODMAP brands / product ranges, online stores and certifiers.

Remember, many products by other manufacturers will be suitable for a modified FODMAP diet too, and your dietitian is best placed to advise, according to local availability and nutritional need. Over-reliance on such products is not recommended, as they are low in all FODMAPs, including those to which you may not react, which are important to include in your modified FODMAP diet at levels which you can tolerate.


Low-FODMAP Brands

Bay’s Kitchen (UK)
Onion-, garlic- and gluten-free stir-in sauces for pasta, noodles, rice.

Casa de Sante (US)
Onion- and garlic-free herb and spice mixes and seasonings (some using hing / asafoetida), granola (sweet and savoury), salad dressings, plus lemon tonic / wellness infusions.

Foddies (Australia)
‘Fructose friendly food’ – sauces and ready meals.

Fodmapped (Australia / New Zealand)
The ‘world’s first FODMAP food brand’: range consists of sauces, stocks and soups. UK consumers can buy through FODMAP Easy. American consumers can buy from Amazon.

FODY Foods (Canada / US)
Formerly Nicer Foods, Fody offer low FODMAP salsas, sauces, infused oils and snack bars. Plans to make available in UK soon.

Gentle Belly (US)
Meal shake with brown rice, quinoa, GF oat bran, chia and more.

Lauren Loves (UK)
Low FODMAP pasta sauce.

ProNourish (US)
Low-FODMAP nutritional drinks – strawberry banana / French vanilla.

Rachel Pauls Food (US)
Five ‘Happy Bars’ – in peanut and chocolate varieties. Gluten free too, as well as low FODMAP. Do not yet deliver to UK.

Slightly Different Foods (UK)
Dishes free from onion, garlic, lactose and gluten-containing grains.

SOME Foods (Australia)
Range of Italian, Indian and Thai cooking sauces, plus a selection of spice fusions.

trueself (US)
Low FODMAP snack bars – including lemon poppy, banana cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Available from Amazon US too.


Online Stores

FODMarket — UK-based online low-FODMAP store, stocking FODMAPPED, FODY Foods, Orgran and some other free from brands.


Certified Products

For a list of FODMAP Friendly Certified products, click here.

For a list of Monash University Low FODMAP certified products, click here.

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