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It’s December, it’s (almost) Christmas, it’s … panettone season! But finding either vegan, or gluten-free, or even nut-free panettoni is not always easy. This year, happily, there are several options in each category. Here they are.



Those who have allergies to multiple ingredients, such as preservatives, fragrances and food allergens, often look for ‘allergy free’ or ultra hypoallergenic beauty products. But what to choose if you have many sensitivities? Here’s a round-up of recommendations.



Gluten-free shampoo? Does anyone really need it? Possibly — yes. But perhaps not for the reasons you may imagine. In this post, I look at Herbal Essences’ advertising of their GF shampoo, and address what’s wrong with it and with their product labelling.



Those with salicylate intolerance or following the Guaifinesin protocol for fibromyalgia often struggle to find salicylate free skincare products. Here’s a round-up of those available.




Goody Good Stuff sweets make a gluten-free claim, but also warn that their products ‘may contain traces of wheat’. Is this a problem for those with coeliac disease? As it turns out — no. Here’s why.




PPD allergy has been a huge problem for some women who want to dye their hair permanently, and the risks to those not yet sensitised could be considerable. Could the new so-called ‘allergy friendly’ ME+ molecule be a solution? This post investigates.



Some with coeliac are angry at vegans for daring to suggest that their circumstances are comparable. One may be a disease, and another an ethical ideology, but there are similarities between the two, not least in the eternal problem of finding safe food … Click here for more.



There was a lot of anger recently when Starbucks announced it was introducing oat milk into its branches. Vegans already have dairy-free options, cried some coeliacs, concerned about cross-contamination. Were they right to complain? Read more.




If you’re susceptible to excess FODMAPs in your diet and have IBS, can digestive enzymes help? Some might be able to, but the evidence for others is modest. Here are some which may be able to ease symptoms.



Do you always conduct a hair dye allergy test when you’re about to colour your hair – even when it’s a product you’ve safely used before? You should, but is the great variation in guidance and instruction causing apathy among women? Read more here.



Gluten free oats should still be highlighted as an allergen on all ingredients labels, but huge brands such as Genius Foods, Nairn’s and Nature’s Path have yet to fall in line. Click here for more about this ongoing problem.



Are oats really good for eczema? The answer is probably yes – but caution is advised in the very young, and where there is broken skin, as this could potentially increase the risk of allergy. Read on …




Many with coeliac are confused by the occasional presence of ‘wheat’ or ‘barley’ on their gluten-free food and drink labels, but there is likely to be an innocent explanation, and it’s all to do with the 14 declarable allergens in the EU. Read more here.



Introducing the new release of The Beginner’s Guide to Histamine Intolerance, by Dr Janice Joneja – one of the world’s foremost experts on this curious, little-known food intolerance. Might you be effected by excess histamine in the diet. If so, how can you find out – and what can you do about it? This book explores what you need to know. Review here.


PPD is a potentially dangerous allergen, found in many hair dyes, which can cause extremely serious reactions. This article looks at the problem, and lists some PPD-free hair colour recommendations for you to try.




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