Volunteers Sought

List of researchers seeking participants and volunteers with allergies, hypersensitivities and gut disorders.
(Last update: 2nd March 2021.)


Who: Medicines Evaluation Trials
What: Upcoming studies in eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria
Looking for: Over 18s with one of the above conditions

Commitment: Unspecified, but compensation offered for time, expenses, inconvenience.
Link: Click here


Who: Ellie Craig, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Canterbury Christ Church University
What: Researching how acceptable and feasible an adapted version of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is for parents of children with food allergies in reducing stress.
Looking for: Parents of children (under 18) with food allergies.

Commitment / Link: Click here.  


Who: Dr Rebecca Knibb, University of Aston
What: Researching effects of food allergy on young people aged 12–17.
Looking for: As above.

Commitment: Online questionnaire (20 minutes)
Link: Click here


Who: Acaster Lloyd Consulting
What: Researching caregivers’ and children’s experiences of taking oral peanut protein powder immunotherapy treatment and how such therapy might impact their QoL / Health.
Looking for: Parents of children with peanut allergy

Commitment: Online questionnaire (20 minutes)
Link: Click here


Who: University of Minnesota
What: Study examining individuals with contact dermatitis and where they receive their information about this condition.
Looking for: People aged 18 or over with contact dermatitis, worldwide. 

Commitment: Online questionnaire (10 minutes)
Link: Click here


Who: Amy, 4th Year Student, University of St Andrews
What: Research for dissertation on the lived experiences of coeliac disease, diet adherence and self-perception among women
Looking for: women aged 18 or over with diagnosed CD

Commitment: Zoom interview (30 minutes)
Link: Click here for more details (Twitter)


Who: Celiac Disease Foundation
What: Phase 1 clinical trial testing KAN-101, which acts on re-educating T cells to make them unresponsive to gluten antigens
Looking for: US-based celiac volunteers 18–70 with biopsy-confirmed CD on a GFD for at least a year.
Link: Click here for more information (Twitter).



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